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Drivers of Success

Strategy Cost Exports Service Quality Environment



At Gujarat NRE Coke, we understand that we can protect and strengthen our leading industry position only if we embark on business-strengthening strategies and project implementation faster than the competition.

In line with this, the company has introduced a number of initiatives:

An aggressive approach in lieu of usual capacity expansion projects. Proactively anticipating growing customer needs.
Multi-location dispersal of manufacturing capacity, closer to customers.  

Believing in economy of scale, which provides the company with operating economies that not only help in amortising overhead costs across a larger production volume, but also help in maximizing profitability during industry peaks.

First-time foray by any Indian coke manufacturer in the international market when consuming nations are seeking a secondary coke supply source.

Thus the company is actively engaged in establishing India on the global map for merchant coke supplies.



At Gujarat NRE Coke, we are convinced that a low cost structure represents the best insurance against industry cyclicality.

The company created a significant foundation for sustainable long-term profitability through a low capital cost per tonne when it went into production in 1995. Thereafter, it reinforced this advantage with each subsequent expansion till date.

Consequently, the company's capital cost per tonne declined with every subsequent expansion. It has long term associations with its suppliers and clients which help in de-risking against sharp price variations.



At Gujarat NRE Coke, we recognize that no company can claim to be truly competitive or successful unless its market leadership extends across a global playing field.

On a micro-level, exports will enable it to achieve high asset utilization and a payback on its investment quicker than anticipated.

Gujarat NRE Coke has been the pioneer in India in tapping the export market of metallurgical coke. The company wishes to continue with this leadership position in exports and increase its footprint in the global trade of met coke in future.



At Gujarat NRE Coke, we understand that we can strengthen our business by strengthening that of our customers in a meaningful way.

To enhance customer value, the company implemented the following initiatives:

Introduction of long term contracts to protect customers from sharp price variations.

Increasing focus on quicker dispatch cycles, enabling customers to hold smaller inventories.

Customized product quality to specific customer needs.

Progressive capacity increase, timed with the growing needs of customers.

Multi-locational presence in proximity to a diverse set of customers.

As a result, the company now services the ongoing requirements of a number of brand-enhancing corporates.



At Gujarat NRE Coke, we appreciate the reality that an increasing number of consumers will require growing volumes of the highest grades, requiring us to benchmark our capability in line with the best standards in the world.

In view of this, the company:

Purchases only the best quality raw material.

Has continuously improved its coke oven design.

Introduced improved manufacturing techniques like stamp charging, pre-crushing among others.

Extended quality control from an individual centric to an institutionalized system.

Over the years, these initiatives strengthened the company’s brand and resulted in an overflowing order book.



At Gujarat NRE Coke, we worship the thinking that a business must first be environmentally sustainable for it to remain economically viable.

In this regard, the company has made proactive investments in environment protection initiatives of the following nature:

Better technology: Non-polluting non-recovery technology of coke manufacture in which the coke ovens operate under negative pressure. This results in drawing in of air if there are any leaks in the coke oven chamber gates, and as such the emission of gases is eliminated.

Improved design: The common flue system ensures practically complete combustion of all volatile hydrocarbons, leaving a clean, hot gas, which can be utilized for generation of power through waste heat recovery boiler.

Ongoing vigilance: A documentation discipline has been instituted, wherein emissions are monitored, measured and compared hourly.

Rainwater harvesting: Two big trenches have been constructed for collecting rainwater in a district that receives only 600 mm of annual rainfall; 100 per cent water is recycled in the plant; and investment is made in Check dams to harness rainwater in partnership with the Government of Gujarat.

Power generation: The Company has made investment in Wind Turbine Generators having an aggregate capacity of 87.5 MW for a clean form of renewable energy, saving precious fossil fuel. Captive power generation of 60MW capacity is under commission, using waste heat emanating from  the coke making process.

Plantation: Green belts have been created covering a considerable section within the plant area.

As a result, the company enjoys a clean environment record and has received the Greentech Safety Silver Award in recognition of our environment management initiatives way back in June 2003. The company is also eligible to be a beneficiary of Carbon Credit under Kyoto Protocol Agreement.


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