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Metallurgical Coke Plants

At Gujarat NRE Coke, we take pride in our large-scale, dispersed customer-centric facilities. In a business where scale and size are critical to capitalize on the scope, we have a capacity of 1.458 Million Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA) metallurgical coke (met coke) production, which makes us one the largest independent producer of met coke in India. Scale provides the company with operating economies, which not only help in amortising overhead costs across a large production volume, but also help in maximizing profitability during industry peaks.

Khambhalia Unit

The Company’s first manufacturing facility, located at Khambhalia, Jamnagar, in Gujarat, started production of met coke in 1994-95 with 3 chimneys and an installed capacity of 0.1 MTPA. The company undertook a steady plan for capacity expansion from 1999-2000, thereby adding more chimneys and ovens to the existing facility. The plant is now in operation with 11 chimneys with 260 ovens having an installed capacity of 0.358 MTPA.

Bhachau Unit

In the first quarter of 2004, Gujarat NRE Coke set up a green-field project for manufacture of LAM Coke at Bhachau, in Gujarat having an installed capacity of 0.528 MTPA. The plant is located near the port of Kandla and facilitates access of the company’s product to the starving North Indian market because of its excellent rail/road connectivity. It uses non-recovery technology of coke manufacture. The new unit consists of 9 chimneys with 260 ovens. The plant started production in March 2004 and achieved full capacity utilization by March 2005.

Dharwad Unit

The company’s third coke making facility is in Dharwad in Karnataka. The plant has an installed capacity of 0.248 MTPA. The plant is built with state of the art technology and has an R&D centre for constant quality monitoring and to promote innovations in coke making process. The plant is ideally located with all the coke consuming units within a radius of 300 Km from our site. Recent work on the Kyarkopa Railway siding has also been completed, thereby increasing efficiency of operation.

Bharat NRE Cole Limited, a group Company with its plant in Dharwad, has an installed capacity of 0.324 MTPA

Thus, the total installed capacity of metallurgical coke of Gujarat NRE Group Ltd stands at 1.5 MTPA.

Steel Plant

Gujarat NRE operates a state of the art steel plant of rolled and alloy steel products of installed capacity of 0.311 MTPA at Bhachau in Gujarat. Gujarat NRE TMT bars are manufactured with high quality Herbert Rothe Technology from Germany, and the rolling mill is fully automatic with PLC and computer controlled systems. NRE TMT bars are of high strength, excellent bend property, corrosion resistant, weldable, earthquake resistant with excellent bond strength and no tendency of embrittlement during use. The company has also installed a state of the art laboratory to ensure quality of highest standard.

Power Project

As a responsible corporate citizen, Gujarat NRE has always made conscious efforts to employ environment friendly practices and energy conservation measures. In pursuance of the above agenda, Gujarat NRE has set up wind power projects of installed capacity of 87.5 MW. The green energy from the wind turbines are being used for captive consumption.

In addition to the wind power project, the company is implementing power plants with a projected capacity of 60 MW through waste heat recovery. The cogenerated power plants are being located near the coke manufacturing facilities of Khambhalia, Bhachau and Dharwad and would be used for captive consumption.

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