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Conserving the Environment

We live in a fragile eco-system in a planet that has been much abused. Man’s hunger for growth and prosperity are bound to continue the wanton destruction, increasing the pillage. We cannot wish away the dark clouds. But we surely can be conscious and can all take little steps that will make just that bit of a difference. Gujarat NRE Coke is an environmentally responsible corporate citizen. Our resolute commitment to contribute to a healthy environment is reflected in our name, "NRE stands for Natural Resources and Environment." The company does not believe that it has received the earth’s resources on inheritance, but rather views itself as a custodian, conserving and creating wealth for the children of tomorrow. The belief that environment conservation is fundamental to the survival of any organization combined with a desire to contribute more to the environment than what we acquire from it, has led us to adopt a proactive strategy to save the earth, and in implementing stringent pollution control measures.

To mention a few:

Rainwater Harvesting

Bhachau receives an annual rainfall of around 500 mm. This arid region receives scanty rainfall and has an acute shortage of water. Gujarat NRE coke has introduced rain water harvesting near its plant in Bhachau. It has built two large ponds where rainwater is collected and the entire water is recycled and resued in the plant.

Gujarat NRE Coke has also made investments in erecting check dams in Bhachau in partnership with Government of Gujarat for the purpose of rainwater harvesting

Green belts have been constructed covering a considerable portion in and around the plant area in all the three plant locations. Annual plantation activities are also carried in continuation of this effort.

Clean Power Generation

Gujarat NRE Coke has made considerable investments in wind power generation. It has an installed capacity of 87.5 MW clean energy.

The company is also in the process of commissioning 60 MW waste heat recovery power generation facility

Clean Technology in production

The company employs non-polluting non-recovery technology in coke production, which is inherently superior in environmental cleanliness as it operates under negative pressure. This results in drawing in air if there are any leaks in the coke oven chamber gates, rather than letting out polluting gases. Further, the vibrating screens and cutters are covered to control the releases of coal dust into air thereby reducing air pollution.

GNCL is a part of the emerging carbon credit market through Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) under the Kyoto Protocol agreement. The efforts of the company towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions have made the company eligible for earning carbon credits, which besides generating increased returns will strengthen its commitment of being a socially responsible citizen. The company enjoys a clean environment record and is a recipient of the Greentech Safety Silver Award in June 2003, in recognition of its environment management initiatives.

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